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Hello everyone! I am Wendy Knuth, author of Moore Zombies picture books and chapter books for children. I was inspired to write these books after playing video games with my two boys. Those zombies were scary and mean, and I began to imagine how the world would look from a nice zombie family’s point of view.

The picture books are for all ages. I intentionally added references and plays on words here and there for the older audience which would not take away from the younger reader’s experience. Everyone should have fun! Who hasn’t re-read a book, or watched a movie over again years later only to find that there was more in there than you remembered?

The chapter books are for children to read alone and don’t include tidbits that I feel are over their heads. Each book does contain factual information, and there are back stories on each zombie which involves life lessons that every child has heard, but with a fun twist. For instance, Kamper used to pick his nose so often, that one day, it just fell off. In fact, all of the Moore zombies have suffered consequences from actions such as running with scissors, sucking thumbs, and playing with matches.

So, enjoy the read. There is much Moore to come! For up to date information including new releases, give-aways, and contests, please “like” the Moore Zombies Facebook page: Facebook.com/MooreZombies


Wendy Knuth

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